As one of the leading Overwatch boosting websites we know that the latest changes of the top ladder are something that not everyone will like.

With the start of S4 Blizzard announced that Top500 rewards will only be distributed to the players that finish the Season within the Top500 ranks, opposite to the previous circles where a player only had to reach it once and could get dropped out of it eventually. will offer Top 500 Overwatch boosting once again, but we will add a few changes to correspond to the current state of this peak ladder.

First of all each customer will have the option to select one of the following:

  1. To reach Top 500 and maintain it till the end of the season (depending on how many weeks we need to maintain it for the price will change)
  2. To only receive a one time Top 500 boost and not to maintain it after that. (the price for that option will be significantly lower than option 1)

We will also offer limited amount of accounts that we can get to Top 500 at the end of the season (the ones that will receive the exclusive rewards following that achievement). They will be divided into Servers since this ladder is different for each region. We don’t have a firm number on how many accounts we can get to Top500 at the very end but the number will vary between 35 and 70 accounts total.

The pricing of the promotion pack will also increase to match the difficulty of the task in hand.

Season 4 - overwatch boosting


The answer to this question is quite simple – it will be very hard. Absolutely every top player in the world will try his best at the very end of the season to either reach or maintain his top 500 ranking. With that we expect that the Skill rating mark for this prestigious rank will increase significantly (probably with 150-250 skill rating) compared to the previous season end.

The reason behind the latest changes as Blizzard said is to limit the amount of Top 500 rewards distributed and to make the top of the ladder even more competitive than before, giving the players something to fight for till the very end. We expect a very very dramatic last few hours of Season 4.

Achieving Top 500 will be even more difficult due to one other change that Blizzard has implemented – The Ow ranking decay rules. You will need to Maintain your Overwatch rank.

Skill rating increase


Each player above the 3000 Skill rating mark is inquired to play at least 7 games per week. If he fails to do so his Skill rating will start to decaydue to inactivity. So on top of the fact that you need to try your best to be in the Top500 ladder you will also have to maintain this rank by playing no less than 7 games a week, which means that you can not simply wait for the end of the season to come.

To help out players with that task is developing a new service section:

Overwatch Skill rating maintenance

This service will include playing a minimum of 7 games per week at your current skill rating and maintaining that rank for the duration of the week. The SR can even increase slightly.

You can also choose how many weeks you want to maintain your rank for.

We will offer Duo Queue option up to 4200 SR and Solo option to 4500+ SR.

For the Solo option you will be able to select “streaming”, “select specific champion” and to receive one of our accounts to play on while the boost is ongoing.

We are always up for offering attractive new features so if you have a specific demand you can contact our 24/7 Live support and maybe we can figure out a way 😉

We know that the latest Top 500 changes will hit a lot of you unpleasantly but that’s just how things go. Hope you enjoy our new features and Ow boosting squad overall!

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